Domestic impact of World War I

A land fit for heroes?


In this podcast Professor Richard Grayson of Goldsmiths, University of London, looks at the domestic impact of World War I on the U.K.

1. Unemployment and a 'land fit for heroes'.
2. Party politics.
3. The decline of the Liberal party, Conservative domination and the divide of the progressive cause.
4. Foreign Policy: Dealing with the consequences of the Treaty of Versailles.
5. What was the impact of the war on the national psyche?
6. How did it affect Britain's perception of itself? How did it affect the perception of Britain abroad?
7. The effect of the war on British and Irish relations.
8. Conclusion.

Suggested Reading:

R.A.C. Parker, Churchill and Appeasement (2000).  An easy to read study of why alternatives to appeasement were rejected.

Paul Addison, The Road to 1915: British Politics and the Second World War (1975), especially Chapter 1, The Supremacy of ‘Safety First', 1922-39.  This is an old text, but a classic and still very worth reading.

Martin Pugh, We Danced All Night': A Social History of Britain between the Wars (2008), especially Chapter 1, ‘‘Will never really came home': The Impact of the Great War'.  An interesting analysis of the impact of the war on day-to-day lives.

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