AQA Thematic Study on Migration

GCSE Guide

Published: 12th March 2019

The AQA thematic study on migration is designed for students to gain an understanding of how the identity of the people of Britain has been shaped by their interaction with the wider world and also takes in invasion and conquest. Students must understand the ebb and flow of peoples into and out of Britain and evaluate their motivations. Also covered are the causes, impact and legacy of Empire upon the ruled and the ruling in the context of the British Empire. Students will need to be aware of the interplay of different factors such as war, religion, government and economy among others and the significance of these factors in migration at different points in time. The focus of the AQA migration unit is in understanding why change happened at a particular time and understanding the causes,consequences and significance of change. In this podcast series, Dr Robin Whitburn and Abdul Mohamud explore some of the key factors relating to migration that students should know and understand.

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  • Introduction
  • Economic Factors and Migration
  • Government and Migration
  • Religion and Migration
  • War and Migration