Cambridge Branch Programme

Cambridge Branch Programme 2021-22

Meeting at Anglia Ruskin University, East Road, Cambridge, usually in LAB 003

Starting time 6.00 pm


Talks are free for HA and Cambridge Branch members; there is a £3.00 payment for non-members.

For further information please contact Mr Bene’t Steinberg email:  tel: 07803 727 611



Tuesday 12 October  

Professor Rohan McWilliam  

The West End in the age of Empire


Tuesday 9 November 

Dr Sean Lang                          

British India on Film


Tuesday 14 December           

Christmas Quiz


Tuesday 15 February

Allen Packwood, Director of the Churchill Archive in conversation with Dr Sean Lang

Churchill’s Legacy and Reputation


Wednesday 23 March           

Dr Sebastian Falk

A Guide to Medieval Science through the life of an astronomer monk


Tuesday 5 April

Professor Peter Waldron

Radical Russia: Art, Culture and Revolution


Tuesday 10 May

Professor Katy Cubitt

The Vikings: New Discoveries and New Approaches


Tuesday 7 June

Dr Jacqueline Reiter

Britain Against Napoleon