Leicester Branch Programme

Leicester Branch Programme 2023-24

Chair: Annabelle Larsen leicesterha@gmail.com


All talks will be online 18.00-19.30. The heat of the Great Debate and the AGM will be held in person at DMU.



12th September 2023- Natasha Stoyce, 'Leslie Joy Whitehead: Canada's forgotten female soldier of the First World War'. 


10th October 2023- Dr Lubaaba Al-Azami, University of Liverpool, 'English Travellers to India in the Seventeenth Century'.



14th November 2023- Dr Richard Goodrich, Fear and Loathing in the Heavens: The 1910 Return of Halley’s Comet.



9th January 2024 18.00-20.00 - The Great Debate, Leicester Heat. Young people will consider the question- Which historical place or person from your local area deserves greater recognition?

Venue: De Montfort University, Clephan Building Room 0.01


13th February 2024- Pawlet Brookes MBE, Executive Artistic Director, Serendipity. Serendipity: Black Arts and Heritage



12th March 2024 - Dr Dean Irwin, ‘Gone but not Forgotten: ‘Jewish’ property in post Expulsion England’.



14th May 2024 – Dr Rob Lutton, ‘Wycliffe, Lollardy and Leicester: origins, significance, and legacy’.

Free entry, venue TBC.


13 June 2024- Leicester Branch AGM.