Sheffield Branch Programme

Sheffield Branch Programme 2023-24


For all branch enquiries, please contact Janine Baigent - 07719 742 305  


Lectures start at 7.30 pm, and are held at the Lecture Theatre, Grayson Building, Birkdale School, Oakholme Road, Sheffield S10 3DH (entrance via Ashdell Road). Plenty of parking on site, bus 120 to Ashdell Road.


Associate membership of the branch is £15 PA, visitors £5, branch and national members free.





Thursday 5th October:  AGM: 

Lecture:  The Temperance Movement in Victorian Britain

A lecture by Professor David Beckingham (Nottingham University)


Monday 23rd-24th October: 

Event:  Liverpool and Birkenhead. An overnight stay


Thursday 2nd November:  The Pam Carlson Memorial Lecture: 

Lecture:  Workhouse Chaplains during the Early Year of the New Poor Law 

A lecture by Dr. Samantha Shave (Lincoln University)


Thursday 9th November: 

Event:  The Great Debate.   Details tbc


Sunday 12th November:

 Event:   Remembrance Sunday at the General Cemetery


Saturday 18th November:  Event:  Saltaire and Bradford:  A day visit


Thursday, 30th November: 

Lecture:  Jonathan Swift’s Servants and Eighteenth Century Ireland 

A lecture by Dr. Catriona Kennedy (York University)


Thursday 7th December: 

Event:  The Annual Branch Dinner





Thursday 11th January: 

Lecture:  Sheffield and Trans-Atlantic Slavery 1640-1888

A lecture by Dr. Michael Bennett (Sheffield University)


Weekend in January (dates tbc):  

Event:  The Heritage Fair


Thursday 8th February: 

Lecture:  Childhood, Race and Revolution – Jean Amilcar Marie Antoinette’s Adopted Black Boy

A lecture by D. David McCallum (Sheffield University)


Saturday 17th February: 

Event:  A Morning in the Park


Thursday 7th March: 

Lecture:  Plato and the Legend of Atlantis

A lecture by Professor Angie Hobbs (Sheffield University)


Saturday 16th March: 

Event:  Lincolnshire:  A day visit


Thursday 11th April:

Lecture:  Clamosi Gloria Circi:  Roman Chariot Racing

A lecture by Dr. Andrew Fear (Manchester University)


Saturday 20th April: 

Event:  Ecclesfield.  A day visit


Thursday 9th May: 

Lecture:  How Indigenous Americans Discovered Europe

A lecture by Dr. Caroline Dodds Pennock (Sheffield University)


Saturday 11th May: 

Event:  Leeds.  A day visit


Friday 24th– Sunday 26th May: 

Event:  Bristol and Bath.  Two night stay


Thursday 6th June: 

Lecture:  Civil War Medicine

A lecture by Professor Susan-Mary Grant (Newcastle University)


Saturday 22nd June: 

Event:  Broomhill – A guided walk


Saturday 6th July: 

Event:  The President’s Lunch