National and Local Government, the Civil Service and the Diplomatic Service

There are a host of opportunities at graduate and non-graduate levels, in all of which the study of history will be a bonus. For example, those dealing with planning applications are likely to be involved in searches of records and will need a knowledge of local history, while if you are working in the Diplomatic Service, it goes without saying that if you are posted to a British Embassy in a country, you really do need some knowledge of that country's history! Vacancies, including trainee posts, are usually advertised in The Guardian (print and online), and in the case of local government, in local papers. Politicians of all parties also often need researchers. Websites worth visiting to find out more are:

Work experience and voluntary work: The Civil Service (see above) has some paid work experience opportunities for university students. Local authorities may well offer work experience but it is probably easier to contact their Human Resources department than to check their websites, as using work experience as a search criteria may bring up lots of documents from the Education Service rather than actual vacancies!

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