The following podcasts are recordings of sessions 2 and 3 from our Teacher Fellowship Programme 2019: Britain and Transatlantic Slavery residential weekend.

The full programme involved the following:

Session 1: Race and history  - Speaker: Kate Donington, with Abdul Mohamud and Robin Whitburn
Session 2: The business of slavery: Economic history in the classroom - Speaker: Nick Draper, with Kate Donington
Session 3: Terror and violence in the systems of transatlantic slavery - Speakers: Abdul Mohamud and Robin Whitburn
Session 4: Africa, Africans and historiography - Speaker: Dr Toby Green (King’s College London)
Session 5: Making freedom: Resistance, historical memory and representation - Speaker: Arthur Torrington
Session 6: Britain and the Abolition of the Slave Trade and Slavery – building an enquiry for Key Stage 3 students. - Facilitators: Abdul Mohamud and Robin Whitburn
Session 7: The past in the present: Legacies of British slave-ownership - Facilitators: Nick Draper and Kate Donington
Session 8: Workshop – building an enquiry on Legacies – participants and the HATF team

Plenary, including reflections on the working principles, and details of the online course

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