The Media and journalism

There is a national training advisory service, Creative Skillset, which offers advice to people seeking careers in broadcasting, film and interactive media. You also should keep an eye on the advertisements in The Guardian on Mondays (media day) or their online media jobs listings, and check out the websites of any broadcasting company or newspaper you might like to work for.

With regard to print journalism, check out the National Council for the Training of Journalists' website. This gives good advice on the qualifications needed and the routes of entry. Beware, though - this is a popular career route (practically every university careers website you may care to visit will have something on media careers!) and the competition, especially for something like a trainee producer's job with the BBC, is very fierce indeed.

Work experience and volunteering: The BBC and major independent TV and radio companies do run work experience schemes: you can find out more through their websites. You can check out your local TV channels/radio stations directly (via their website or by calling them). You could also contact local radio stations to find out about any opportunities they offer and see if your local hospital radio needs volunteers. National, regional or local newspapers may also run work experience schemes - write to those which interest you.

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