Collaborations between Higher Education Institutions and Schools

Recorded interviews

Published: 7th June 2022

The following series of recorded interviews and a webinar are focused on the variety of ways in which HEI historians, working at a diverse range of institutions, have collaborated with local school history teachers and their pupils. The diverse range of approaches discussed in the interviews highlight that there is no single ‘right way’ in which HEI historians and school teachers could collaborate with each other, but a broad range of approaches, each suited to the particular context in which they are working. However, several key points can be drawn across all of the collaborations discussed in these interviews: 

  • The importance of HEI historians ‘reaching out’ to local history teachers and their schools, making personal connections and taking time to build relationships and networks. 
  • The importance of HEI historians listening to the interests and needs of local history teachers and their pupils. Many of the outcomes of the collaborative projects discussed in these interviews were not what the HEI historians originally set out to do. 
  • For HEI historians to be clear about what they can offer history teachers and pupils, how they will offer it and the purpose behind the collaboration (including time, resources, and funding) 
  • The importance of viewing a HEI-school history collaboration as a reciprocal relationship in which all involved can contribute to the project and benefit, albeit in different ways, from the outcomes. 
  • Be prepared to be flexible and responsive to changes in the curricula, for example the introduction of new topics and modules at GCSE and A-Level, and responsive to history teachers and pupils’ new areas of interest, for example, learning and teaching of more diverse histories. 

At the start of these films is a recorded webinar that brings together many of those involved with the projects. Those present talk about the different approaches that they took and how the relationships between HE and school education settings evolved and impacted on one another.  

We hope that you find the following recorded interviews of interest and of use. If you have any questions or are interested in contributing to the project please contact David Ingledew at