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Published: 21st December 2009

The British Association for Local History is the national charity which promotes local history and serves local historians. Its purpose is to encourage and assist the study of local history as an academic discipline and as a rewarding leisure pursuit for both individuals and groups.

Local history enriches our lives as individuals and as whole communities. It is an area where amateur and professional can meet and work profitably together. Local historians range from interested individuals and members of local societies to the professionals in the field such as archivists and university lecturers. There are many thousands of people now actively involved in making a valuable contribution towards enriching and extending our understanding of the past.


The BALH arranged guided visits to places of interest to local historians, often not easily accessible to individuals.



BALH publications meet the needs of local historians for background knowledge and for practical advice and guidance about sources and methods. They are all written by specialists who have extensive experience in local history which they share with their readers.

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