Family and Personal History

Briefing Pack

Published: 22nd December 2009

If you are interested in researching your family and personal history there are a number of very good sites online that can give you guidance.

1. BBC Family History

The BBC Family History site is a great place to start if you want to research your family history:

The Basics

Next Steps

What's in a Name? - Local Names

Family History Trail - Basic Research Tools

Tracing Military Records - Getting Started


2. County Archive Services

Go to your local county archives for details of archives in your area see below:

Full List of County Archives in England

Full List of County Archives in Scotland

List of Archive Services in Wales

Archive Services in Northern Ireland

Genealogy Centres in Ireland


3. The National Records Office

The National Archives holds many records which can help you find out about people's lives and careers.

Their 'Looking for a person?' is an invaluable resource for furthering your research!