The Lady of the Black Horse: Mabel Stobart (1862–1954)

Historian article

By Peter Down, published 8th February 2017

Peter Down takes us on a winter retreat over snow-covered mountains.

Mabel St Clair Stobart was born into a wealthy Victorian family and enjoyed an idyllic childhood. She was gifted academically and excelled at sport. Married at 22, she had two sons. Unfortunately in 1903 her husband lost his fortune and the family emigrated to the Transvaal to farm. The venture failed but Mabel kept the family going by opening a  trading store. In 1907 she returned to England; her husband died at sea en route. On her arrival Mabel was struck by two things: the English were convinced that the Germans were about to invade and the woman’s suffragist movement was in full swing...

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