Our 45 branches across the country each put on around 10 lectures a year, on all aspects and periods of history. To find out what’s going on at a branch near you see our Branch programmes pages, or you can view all Branch events in our calendar.

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  • Historian events calendar - Summer 2024

    27th March 2024

    One of the HA’s aims is to bring you accessible and enjoyable history wherever you are based and whatever amount of time you have to dedicate to it. That's why we work to put together a regular programme of events with a variety of formats and delivery. You might prefer the social element of...

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  • From Pirates to Princes: the Normans in Eleventh-Century Europe

    24th April 2024

    Normandy originated in from a grant of land to Rollo, a Viking leader, in the early tenth century. By the end of that century Normans were to be found in southern Italy, then in Britain and, at the end of the eleventh century, in the near East on the First...

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  • HA Webinar: Adjusting the Lens: Understanding Early Modern England, India, and the Origins of Empire

    2nd May 2024

    When Thomas Roe arrived in India in 1616 as James I's first ambassador to the Mughal Empire, the English barely had a toehold in the subcontinent. Their understanding of South Asian trade and India was sketchy at best, and, to the Mughals, they were minor players on a very large...

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  • HA Webinar: Henry VIII on Tour: finding a new perspective on the Tudors

    15th July 2024

    During his lifetime, Henry VIII journeyed throughout his kingdom in what are known as royal 'progresses'. In this webinar, Anthony Musson will share research from the AHRC-funded 'Henry on Tour' project which seeks to reassess these progresses by exploring archival sources, archaeology, music and material culture. In addition to contributing...

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  • HA Webinar: Prosthetics and Assistive Technology in Ancient Greece and Rome: everything you never knew you wanted to know

    18th June 2024

    Jane Draycott is Lecturer in Classics at the University of Glasgow. In this webinar, she will share her research on prostheses and assistive technology in ancient Greece, Rome and the neighbouring civilisations. She will outline the findings from her 2023 book on this subject, which arose from a grant to...

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  • Short course: Witchcraft, Werewolves and Magic in European History

    3rd April 2024

    Led by Jonathan Durrant, Laura Kounine, Jan Machielsen, Lisa Tallis, Juliette Wood  Booking is not yet available for this course; however, you can be the first to know when it opens by registering your interest here. What does the course cover? This Historical Association short course is an introduction to...

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  • Shylock’s Venice

    21st May 2024

    We are pleased to welcome Harry Freedman to the HA Virtual Branch this May. In his talk Harry will trace the story of the Venice Ghetto, the corner of the city where Jews were exiled; free to walk the streets by day, locked behind gates and walls at night. Yet,...

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  • The Chinese Communist Revolution of 1949: Diaries and Personal Experiences

    19th June 2024

    We are pleased to welcome Professor Henrietta Harrison to the HA Virtual Branch this June. This talk looks at 1949 as a year of revolution in China and uses diaries to think about the experience of living through that revolution. It will provide a basic background to the events of...

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  • The Vagabond v the Mendicity Society: Fear and Loathing on the Streets of London

    17th September 2024

    We are pleased to welcome Dr Oskar Jensen to the HA Virtual Branch this September. In this talk Jensen will discuss how Red Lion Square had long been one of London's most genteel addresses, home to nobles, scholars, and professionals. But on 25 March 1818, one house on the south...

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  • Women of the Anarchy

    18th July 2024

    We are pleased to welcome Sharon Bennett Connolly to the HA Virtual Branch this July. In her talk Connolly discusses how in 1135 Stephen of Blois usurped the throne, stealing it from his cousin Empress Matilda and sparking a nineteen-year civil war that would become known as the Anarchy, one...

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  • Your HA Virtual Branch

    News Item

    The HA Virtual Branch is a great way to keep your history up-to-date, whether you are working or relaxing, all from the comfort of your home. The Virtual Branch is free and open to everybody, and recordings of the talks are made available online after the event for HA members....

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