Podcast Series: Britain's Changing Population

Podcasted history

By Produced by Simon Brown., published 3rd April 2016

Part 3 of Social and Political Change in the UK 1800-present

In Part 3 of our series on Social and Political Change in the UK we look at diversity in the UK and examine African and Caribbean UK History, South Asian UK History and British Chinese History. 

The first set of podcasts feature Dr Hakim Adi, Marika Sherwood, Dr Sumita Mukherjee & Dr Anne Witchard.

Also in the series: Politics, Reform and War, The Women's Movement, Religion in the UK, and the British LGBT movement.

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African and Caribbean UK History

  • An Introduction to 19th Century African and Caribbean British History
  • An Introduction to 20th Century African and Caribbean British History
  • African and Caribbean British Political Activists

South Asian UK History

  • South Asian British History 1800-1900
  • South Asian British History 1900-1947

Chinese British History

  • Chinese British History

British Armenian History

  • The British Armenian community

About our Authors

  • About our Authors