Podcast Series: The History of Science

By Produced by Simon Brown, published 3rd September 2014

In this series of podcasts we take a look at the history of the Royal Society and the influence it has had on the history and development of science.

This series features: Keith Moore, Head of Libraries and Archives at the Royal Society, Dr Jordan Goodman, Dr Patricia Fara of Clare College, Cambridge, Professor Jim Secord and Dr Alison Pearn of the Darwin Correspondence Project & Dr Noah Moxham.

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The Early Royal Society

  • Francis Bacon to Isaac Newton
  • The legacy of the early Royal Society

The Age of Exploration

  • Joseph Banks (The Early Years)
  • Captain Cook & the discovery of Australia & New Zealand
  • The Legacy of Joseph Banks
  • The Royal Society & the Royal Navy
  • The Challenger Expedition


  • Francis Hauksbee to the Leyden Jar
  • Benjamin Franklin to Allesendro Volta
  • Ampère to Maxwell

Darwin & Evolution

  • Charles Darwin's Early Life & the Voyage of the Beagle
  • Darwin and the Origin of Species
  • Darwin: Human Evolution & Legacy
  • The Darwin Correspondence Project

The Archive

  • Treasures of the Archive 1
  • Treasures of the Archive 2
  • Archive Research

About our Authors

  • About our Authors