Filmed Interview: The Women of Bletchley Park

The Women of Bletchley Park

By Produced by Simon Brown, published 29th April 2015

Bletchley Park was the most important of the top secret intelligence sites during the Second World War. The quiet Buckinghamshire village hosted 10,000 people dedicated to defeating the Nazis, 75% of those were women.

In this podcast we are lucky enough to have some of those women talking about their experiences.

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The Women of Bletchley Park

  • Introduction
  • Veteran Biographies
  • What is it like to meet these women all these years later?
  • Max Newman
  • How much did you know about yours and each others work?
  • How were you recruited?
  • Secrecy about your work: how did you feel when it came out in 1974?
  • Was there a chance for fun and romance?
  • Working on the allied plot and the run up to D Day
  • Thoughts on the Film: The Imitation Game
  • An Interview with Betty Webb and Mary Every