Virtual Branch Lecture Recording: Mayflower Lives

By Martyn Whittock, published 28th May 2021

Building a New Jerusalem in the New World

Historian and author Martyn Whittock recently gave a lecture for the HA Virtual Branch on'Mayflower Lives: building a New Jerusalem in the New World'. In 1620, 102 ill-prepared asylum seekers landed two months later than planned, in the wrong place on the eastern coast of North America. By the next summer, half of them were dead. Yet, from this inauspicious beginning, the impact of the Mayflower settlement still resonates 400 years later. 

By examining the dramatic story of this little community, Whittock explores key aspects of why this venture occurred; its significance within the English settlement of North America; the impact on Native American communities; and why Plymouth Colony came to play such a major role in the cultural DNA and mythology of what became the United States.

If you're a member of the HA you can watch a recording of the lecture online: