Film series: The African-American Civil Rights Movement

Film: An introduction to the African-American Civil Rights Movement

By Professor Tony Badger, published 7th October 2022

Film series: The African-American Civil Rights Movement

The US civil rights battles of the latter half of the twentieth century are a common part of popular culture - and yet the detail is often overlooked in favour of the headlines. It is a positive step that so many of us now know the names of Rosa Parks and Dr Martin Luther King Jr, but how much do we really know about the organisations that supported or were critical of them? What were the politicians and policymakers doing to promote, detract or deter the African-American Civil Rights Movement and its supporters? How did those attitudes connect to the campaign to elect African-American politicians and lawmakers in the US today?
In this series of films available exclusively to HA members, important themes, people and events are examined by three key historians who specialise in the US Civil Rights Movement and US history. They discuss the influences and actions that led to certain events and how these have been viewed over time. Giving their expert and sometimes differing views on key themes and events that had an impact at the time, they shed light on the actions that have created many of the societal conditions present today. The interpretations they provide us with bring to life the period and remind us of the legacy that it has created, including links through to the election of Barack Obama as President in 2008. 

In this introductory film, Professor Tony Badger, former President of the Historical Association, provides an overview of the African-American Civil Rights Movement, paying close attention to the key individuals, groups, institutions and events that played a key role in shaping the movement from the end of the American Civil War to the present day. 

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