Recorded Webinar: Writing historical fiction - Writing and revision

By Tony Bradman, published 27th April 2023

Writing historical fiction - Writing and revision

In this second webinar in our series on writing historical fiction, author Tony Bradman talks about the actual process of writing the story, with examples. The difficulty of the first page - how to start your story with impact and make sure the reader is gripped from the first line. Getting the balance between exposition, action and dialogue right - if you’ve done a lot of research it’s tempting to get it all on the page! The importance of showing and not just telling, and bringing the story to life. How to make a plot work, and how to write a great ending. Revising as you go along, the importance of being an objective, ruthless editor of your own work, and making sure that you don’t sacrifice historical accuracy just to make things easier for yourself!

This webinar was recorded on 23 February 2023. View the first webinar on Research and planning.

Tony Bradman has also written a teacher's guide to using and writing historical fiction in the classroom, attached below.

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