How to use 'My Saved Resources'


Organising your resources

 is the Members' login section of the HA website where you can save and view resources, events and other content.

When you save resources to ‘My HA’ you also have the option to collect these resources into different folders. This can be useful if you are interested in a particular period of history or topic such as the Cold War and want to collate and curate particularly useful articles, podcasts and other resources that you may want to revisit later.

This system enables:

  • Members to collate resources into useful interest folders to listen to or read later
  • Teachers to collate material that will help them as they plan their year ahead
  • Teacher Trainers/Mentors to collate resources for training/supporting their trainees throughout the year
  • Students of history to collate resources they need to support their study.

Saving resources to folders in My HA

You can save resources to folders in two ways:

1. 'Add to My HA'

When you find a resource you like click the ‘Add to My HA’ link (usually located under the main page title and to the right of the image). At this point you can add this resource to the default ‘My Saved Resources’ folder or to a folder you have already created by clicking on the folder drop down box to reveal a list of folders.

If you want to create a new folder simply click on the '(New Folder)' option at the bottom of the drop-down list and give the new folder a name. Once you have assigned the resource to a folder click on the ‘+Add’ button to add it to that folder. If you want to see which folders this resource is saved to simply click on the ‘Saved to…’ button.

2. 'My Saved Resources'

Go to ‘My HA’ and click on ‘My Saved Resources’. Click on ‘+ New Folder’ if you would like to create a folder, you can then give the folder a name and click ‘+Create’.

Once the folder has been created simply drag and drop any resource in the default ‘My Saved Resources’ folder to the folder/s you have created.

You can edit the folder name and add notes about the resources contained in the folder or how to use them by clicking the title and entering text underneath it.

Sharing your resource folders 

You can also share your curated folders of resources with other members, colleagues, trainees and students.  This allows:

  • Members are able to share folders of their favourite podcasts and articles with other members
  • Teachers with corporate school membership are able to share with colleagues folders of resources that will support their teaching throughout the year, or materials that may be used to support departmental meetings
  • Teachers with corporate school membership are able collate resources for their students and then share with their class resources useful to their homework, study and revision
  • Teacher trainers will be able to collate and share articles and teaching resources with their trainees who have membership

To share your folders with a friend or colleague:

Go to ‘My HA’, and under 'My Resources' click on ‘View all saved resources’. Select the folder you would like to share and click 'Share this folder with other HA users'.  This will give you a unique URL which you can share with others by email or on social media.  They will need to also have membership and be logged in to view the same resources that you can in full. 

They will be able to make a snapshot copy of the resource folder into their own Saved Resources.  Please note that if you add or remove resources from your original folder, they will need to copy the folder again in order for it to reflect these updates.

To share your folders with your students:

If you are a corporate member school you are able to share resource folders that may be useful toyour students' homework, study and revision.  Go to ‘My HA’, and under 'My Resources' click on ‘View all saved resources’. Select the folder you would like to share and click 'Publish this folder for your students'. 

The next time they log in using your school's 'Student Zone' login they will be able to access this folder via their 'My Shared Folders' area.  

You can 'unpublish' this folder at any time if you decide that you no longer want your students to view it.  

Let us know what you think!

We'd love to hear about how you are using the 'My Saved Resources' facility. If you have any feedback or any problems please email us on or call 0300 100 0223.

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