How unified was Germany in 1914?

Unity and diversity

By Dr Colin Storer, published 20th September 2021

In this podcast Dr Colin Storer of the University of Warwick looks at how unified Germany was on the eve of World War I. This podcast looks at the religious, linguistic and ethnic divides in Germany. How different was life for people living in towns rather than the countriside? What kind of class differences were there? Dr Storer also examines the extent to which citizens of Germany believed in the unified state and saw themselves as German citizens.

1. Introduction.
2. Local and regional identities.
3. State initiatives that bring about a sense of German-ness.
4. Religious identities.
5. Class division and the urban/rural divide.
6. Linguistic diversity.
7. How effective is the state in mobilising this diverse group into getting behind the war effort?

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