The Chinese intervention in the Korean War

By Dr Jim Hoare, published 6th September 2019

In this podcast, Dr Jim Hoare (SOAS), examines the Chinese involvement in the Korean War.

This podcast was produced as part of the Korean War Teacher Fellowship programme, and the Historical Association is delighted to be working with the World History Digital Education Foundation sponsored by the Korea Foundation on this programme as part of a wider international project designed to educate teachers, students and the general public about Korean history. See also our podcast on Researching the Korean War.

1. Why did Mao and China intervene in the Korean War?
2. What were the main tactics and methods used by the Chinese?
3. What do know about the experience, morale and performance of the Chinese troops?
4. Why did the Chinese involvement continue beyond 1952?
5. What did the Chinese learn from their involvement?
6. How did the Korean War effect Sino-Soviet relations?

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