First Wave Feminism in the US

Podcasted history: a history of the United States

By Dr Jon Coburn, published 1st October 2020

The 19th Amendment

In this podcast Dr Jon Coburn of the University of Lincoln looks at the origins, development and successes of first wave feminism in the United States in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Dr Coburn also examines the changing interpretations of this early period of the American Women's rights movement, and challenges the idea of 'waves' of movement.

1. What were the aims and objectives of first wave feminism in the US?
2. Who were the movement’s key groups and leaders?
3. What methods did they use to achieve their goals? Did these change over time?
4. What was the response of government, society and the media?
5. To what extent did they achieve their objectives?
6. How have interpretations of American first wave feminism changed over time?
7. How is this period of feminism remembered in the US?

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