Second Wave Feminism in the US

Podcasted history: a history of the United States

By Dr Gina Denton, published 1st October 2020

Multiple Feminisms

In this podcast Dr Gina Denton of the University of York discusses the multiple feminisms that comprise second wave feminism in the United States. Starting in the New Deal era of the 1930s, Dr Denton looks at how different individuals and groups progressed the women's rights movement through to the early 1980s and examines how historians have opened up interpretations of this vital and important period of American history.

1. Introduction.
2. How did the New Deal affect women in the US?
3. What was the impact of WW2 on women and the movement?
4. Multiple feminisms.
5. How did feminism develop in the 1960s?
6. How did the media, government and society respond to the movement?
7. How did the feminist movement develop in the 1970s? How significant was Roe v. Wade?
8. What had second wave feminism achieved by the early 80s? What was its legacy?
9. How have interpretations of second wave feminism developed?

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