UK 1964-79 - Domestic problems under the Labour and Conservative Governments

20th Century British History

By Professor Keith Laybourn. Produced by Simon Brown, published 12th August 2015

Unemployment and Economic Decline

In this podcast Professor Keith Laybourn of the University of Huddersfield discusses the key reasons for the growing domestic problems under the Labour and Conservative Governments 1964-79 and looks at the effectiveness of their response.

1. Britain 1964-1979: Introduction - unemployment and relative economic decline.
2. Education.
3. Challenges to the parties: Industrial disputes & the Industrial Relations Act.
4. Labour offer a social contract, social provisions in return for Unions to control their wage demands.
5. A sense of decay brought about by a declining economy but also a sense of change and possibility.
6. The Welfare State in a sentence...

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