Scheme of Work: The Shang Dynasty

Primary Scheme of Work, Key Stage 2 History

By Alf Wilkinson, published 4th January 2017

What can we tell about the Shang Dynasty from Fu Hao's tomb?

Children can be introduced to evidence of the Shang Dynasty in China from the tomb of Fu Hao, dated around 1250BC and discovered in 1976. They can use the evidence to find out about the Shang, but also to find out what we can’t tell about the Shang from one grave, thereby opening up other areas of enquiry.

This unit is structured around 5 sequential history enquiries:

  1. When and where did the Shang live?
  2. What was found in Fu Hao’s tomb?
  3. What does this tell us about life in Shang times?
  4. What do we still need to know and where might we find the answers to our questions?
  5. How important was Fu Hao?

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