Scheme of Work: The Blitz: all we need to know about World War II?

Primary Scheme of Work

By HA, published 21st August 2018

The Blitz: all we need to know about World War II?

This unit provides children with the opportunity to look at the Second World War as an aspect of British history that extends pupils’ chronological knowledge beyond 1066.

This 8-part enquiry is useable in full or to use sections of as stand alone shorter enquiries. Pupils will be encouraged to examine different aspects of World War II including the Blitz and to make judgements about significance.

This unit is structured around 8 enquiries:

  1. How significant was the Blitz?
  2. World War II: whose war?
  3. What was the impact of World War II on people in our locality?
  4. How well does a fictional story tell us what it was like to be an evacuee?
  5. Evacuee experiences in Britain: is this all we need to know about children in World War II?
  6. New opportunities? How significant was the impact of World War II on women?
  7. What did men do in World War II? Did all men have to fight?
  8. When was the most dangerous time to live? How different was the Blitz?

Please note that this scheme of work contains resource suggestions; however it is not a fully-resourced scheme of work. To view a sample scheme of work, please refer to our Anglo-Saxons unit

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