Become an Expert Centre

Why not become a Global Learning Programme Expert Centre? There is money and support available to help you!


What is a GLP Expert Centre?

Global Learning Programme (GLP) Expert Centres are schools that have a passion and expertise for global learning and whole school development, together with strong CPD capability. As well as exemplifying global learning in their own school, the main role of an Expert Centre is to build a local network of like-minded schools, and work with these colleagues to drive global learning across the curriculum, share best practice and host half-termly twilight CPD sessions


Why become an Expert Centre?

Becoming an Expert Centre can provide a practical way for your school to share your passion and expertise locally while also gaining recognition and CPD opportunities for your colleagues. It is also a natural development for work on other awards such as the Rights Respecting Schools Award, International School Award or the Primary and Secondary Geography or History Quality Marks.


When you become an Expert Centre the GLP will:

  • provide financial support for you to deliver the programme
  • ensure direct contact with a dedicated Local Advisor
  • provide training and support for the school's GLP Coordinator to deliver their role effectively
  • provide access to the programme materials and specially-designed GLP resources
  • provide support and resources to facilitate the delivery of the twilight CPD sessions
  • provide the opportunity for the school's GLP Coordinator to become an accredited Lead Practitioner
  • lead the monitoring and reporting system for the programme.

Funding available to Expert Centres

GLP Expert Centres will be granted funding of between £3375 and £5175 to deliver the programme of CPD and support sessions for their network of Partner Schools. The funding amount is dependent upon the number of Partner Schools that each Expert Centre is supporting.


As an Expert Centre you will:

  • appoint a GLP Coordinator
  • lead on building your local network of Partner Schools
  • work with your Local Advisor to plan and review the four-term programme
  • be the main point of contact for your Partner School network
  • arrange and deliver the eight half-termly twilight CPD sessions
  • provide the opportunity for your GLP Coordinator to become an accredited Lead Practitioner
  • gather and provide monitoring information to show the impact of the programme.


Your GLP Coordinator will be responsible for:

  • leading your work to embed global learning across all aspects of your Expert Centre's practice
  • establishing, managing and supporting a local network of Partner Schools to engage with the GLP
  • in collaboration with your GLP Local Advisor, planning, delivering and reviewing a programme of twilight CPD sessions for your Partner School network.

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