Using Horrible History to develop primary literacy and history

Primary History article

By Jennifer Donovan, published 3rd June 2016

What prompted the use of Terrible Tudors?

When I started planning for my Key Stage 2 literacy lessons last year, I wanted to link them to my history topic, the Tudors, and I also needed them to cover a significant amount of non-fiction English objectives, having focused on fiction and poetry texts in the previous term. One of the non-fiction books that came to my mind to help me with this task was Terry Deary’s and Neil Tonge’s Terrible Tudors. This article relates to the Tudors but the Horrible Histories portfolio is large and covers many relevant topics and periods. In our school, the Tudors are taught as part of local history.

When I first acquired the book, I flicked through the pages with reservation, not really expecting to find an abundance of suitable...

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