Out of the Rubble

By Sally Nicholls (Oxford)

Out of the Rubble

Review by Arissa
I find the time that the book was set in interesting because I wasn’t born in 1945 so I didn’t know what happened. I found the character of Dad interesting because he was really mysterious however I didn’t like Mom. I learnt that there was a war in London from this book. The plot of the story was mysterious and interesting. I was drawn to the book by the blurb. 

Review by Josh Age 
I enjoyed the book because I like history and my grandad was in the world war.

The part of the story which stands out the most was when Judy broke her leg because it was really interesting to read about how many tries it took to heal.

I learned the following words whilst reading this story: bounded, vicar and Macintoshes.

I would recommend this book to other children because it was very interesting and had lots of emotions. The character I found the most interesting was the cat because it sounded really cute and smart. 

Review by Lucas and Hermione 
This was an amazing book to learn all about what happened in World War Two in London. We learnt about all the bombs that fell in London during the war - they even fell on a vicarage, and Judy’s school! We learnt that people were dying and getting exploded and trapped, right here in England. We hadn’t realised, we thought it only happened in Germany but – it could have been us! It was quite shocking to read about how fighter pilots in WW2 could easily kill lots of people and destroy people’s lives and homes. It was a relief when the children in the story managed to both survive and do well. It was striking how much people did, the lengths they went to, to stay safe. We’d recommend the book to people who love history, particularly WW2, but they’d need to be at least our age because it’s quite a complicated book to read.

Review by Michaela
I liked the book and would recommend it to my friends with 5 out of 5. 

I liked that it showed people's feeling and it was about after the war. I think this book was perfect and nothing needs to be changed. I would recommend it to year 5 children and people who love WW2 and also people who love books.

The main character is really bubbly with a warm heart. The plot was it exciting, thought provoking, and I loved it when she saw her dad after a long time and gave him a hug.

I don’t normally read books like this but this book makes me want to write more in my learning. I would recommend it to my sister because she really likes history.

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