The Fire Cats of London

By Anna Fargher (Macmillan)

The Fire Cats of London

Review by Joshua
I really enjoyed this book. It was about two young wildcats called Asta and Ash. Although their mother died, they still held strong. It is a story about betrayal, adventure, and a bit of sadness.

My favourite character was Asta because she has a kind heart and has the correct feeling about all the characters. One of the characters, Beauty, was a bit sneaky. She stole Ash from Asta and made him think he was safe even though he was not.

The plot was about the Great Fire getting out of hand. Two people planned the fire on the day it started.

There was nothing wrong with it to me, but I think it ended a bit too fast. I really want to know what happened after the epilogue, even though the story has been completed!

I think it’s the best story I’ve ever read [I’ve read a lot of stories]. I think it is better than the Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling!

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