Turning technology: making life better in Iron Age Britain

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By Karin Doull, published 11th November 2019

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So who were the people living in Britain in the Iron Age?

The Iron Age describes the period in Britain when the use of iron became widespread. It ranged from 800 BC to AD 43 and the invasion by the Roman Empire. The people of Iron Age Britain were part of a large ethnic group spread across Europe and known as the Celts. Although people within this group lived in clans or tribes in often relatively small agricultural settlements, they all shared language, religion and culture. This was reinforced by trade within Britain and beyond with mainland Europe. Iron metal working became widespread by 500–400 BC in Britain. Alongside this, new crops were developed and consequently people could live in bigger communities. Their tribal and regional identities were identified by characteristic customs, pottery, jewellery and textile decoration...

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