What does the director want us to think about Boudicca?

Learning objectives

  • To Define the term "hero" in the context of prior learning on the Romans and Celts.
  • To analyse a film interpretation of Boudicca in order to identify its point of view.


Possible Teaching Objectives

Starter (initial stimulus material)

Withhold from the class that they are going to be studying Boudicca. Invite comments from pupils about what would be the characteristics of a heroic leader from the Romano British period. Record these suggestions, drawing out the range of suitable vocabulary at the same time.

From the film "Warrior Queen" show the scene where Boudicca talks to her troops. Watch it once through without comments and ask "Does this match our description of a hero?". Typically the answer will be no as pupils tend to describe a male warrior figure among their characteristics of a suitable hero from the initial discussion.

View the film extract again with the following question on the board. " What does the director want us to think about Boudicca?" Lead a class discussion in answer to the question, which the next task reinforces.

Layers of inference diagram.

Display the layers of inference diagram listed in the resources column on an interactive whiteboard that has an image from "Warrior Queen" at the centre. The teacher notes down directly observable details from the image suggested by pupils in the layer around it under the heading "What can you see?" They then move out to make further notes in the next layers under the question "What does this suggest to you?" and "Are there any other questions you could ask?".



Pupils complete a piece of writing on the question "What does the director want us to think about Boudicca?"



Some pupils may find the writing frame listed in the resources column useful for the task. The teacher should also ask gifted and talented pupils to consider why the director has portrayed Boudicca in this way. Interactive needs led self-assessment can follow.



Learning Outcomes

  • Make suggestions defining a hero in the Roman-British period.
  • View and discuss an extract from the film "Warrior Queen".
  • Contribute to a discussion filling in a layers of inference diagram.
  • Produce a piece of extended writing on "Warrior Queen".

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