What do we think we know about Boudicca?

Learning Objectives

  • To organise pictorial interpretations of Boudicca under different headings.
  • To realise that Boudicca can be represented in different ways.
  • To begin to reflect upon the impact that events from the time an interpretation was produced have on the portrayal of a figure from an earlier period.



Possible Teaching Objectives

  • Find a variety of images of Boudicca (note the date and circumstances in which the image was created as these details can be introduced into / after discussion).
  • Display the venn diagram listed in the resources column on an interactive whiteboard. Make sure pupils clearly understand the three definitions given "Brutal murderer, British hero and bent on personal revenge" Import some of the images of Boudicca into the venn diagram on the whiteboard. Take suggestions as to where they should be placed as a way of setting the next group task.
  • Divide the class into groups of four. On a paper copy of the venn diagram ask pupils to sort the images under the different headings, across them if they think an image may fit under more that one heading or outside the diagram if they think it doesn't fit any of the headings. The teacher should spend time discussing the activity with each group as it is undertaken.
  • Lead a class discussion on the placement of the various images on the diagram. Introduce some teacher explanation of why they are so different, using some details previously noted down about the date and circumstances in which images were created. This is an important opportunity of reinforce the idea that an interpretation is dependant on the date it was produced and can be influenced by events contemporary with the date.


Learning Outcomes

  • Analyse pictorial interpretations of Boudicca to complete the venue diagram.
  • Discuss and justify the reasons for placing images under different headings.
  • Participate in discussion as to why the pictorial interpretations differ.

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