Teaching pre-history outside the classroom

Primary History article

By Elaine Skates, published 1st March 2017

Local Museums and Heritage sites

From a visit to a local museum or heritage site, to using bushcraft skills to give pupils first-hand experience of what it might have been like to live in ancient times, teaching prehistory outside the classroom can really give this area of the curriculum the wow factor. The inclusion of prehistory in the Key Stage 2  curriculum can present many challenges for teachers.

The first challenge is the breadth which the period covers – spanning a period of almost one million years of human development. It begins from the evolution of the first humans who gradually learnt to harness  fire and work flint into primitive tools, through to the culturally fascinating and sophisticated societies which  emerged during the Bronze Age and Iron Age. This is a complex period for teachers and pupils to get to grips with, and can seem daunting.

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