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By Cathie Mcllroy, published 7th December 2010

The end of one school year and the beginning of a new one is always a time for reflection. If it coincides with moving classrooms and changing key stage too, as I am from KS1 to KS2, there is a good opportunity to sort out resources, and plan a fresh start.

History/English links

The history themes for Year 4 fulfil the National Curriculum requirements, and are based around resources which have been gathered over many years. We have always striven to build strong links between the English skills of oracy, reading and writing:

  • Using story as a way in for pupils to master detail and empathise with the dilemmas and experiences of people in the past.
  • In an investigation, finding out what it was like for children in the Second World War: the questioning of local people who were evacuated gives a chance to hear first hand experiences.
  • Writing of reports, story telling and letter writing all may follow.
  • There are many excellent fiction books from which to share edited extracts and to inspire pupils: Goodnight Mr. Tom or Carrie's War may encourage pupils to think and develop more sophisticated ideas.
  • Newspapers, maps and documents from the local archive library provide a wealth of written sources to use, as well as pictures and photographs to read. A scene showing child evacuees being given refreshment as they journey to an unknown destination can raise innumerable questions by pupils...

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