Fun with hieroglyphs


By Anita Loughrey, published 1st April 2009

Synopsis: Fun with Hieroglyphs contains 24 rubber stamps, an ink pad and full colour book. It is recommended for children aged 8 upwards and will enable them to discover the secrets of the hieroglyphic language of the ancient Egyptians. The stamps can be used to write messages and create designs like an Egyptian scribe.

Review: This innovative kit contains everything needed to write and decode secret messages in ancient hieroglyphic script. The book demonstrates how Egyptian scribes used the various hieroglyphic symbols through illustrations of original Egyptian artefacts, hieroglyph charts and puzzles to solve. The children are able to find out which symbols were thought to have magical powers and learn how this fantastic language was decoded after hundreds of years with the discovery of the Rosetta Stone. It would be an excellent addition to the classroom, or for a child to produce that A+ project on the Egyptians.

Author: Catharine Roehrig - Genre: Children's illustrated non-fiction - Age Range: 8+ Curriculum subject: History - Theme / subject: Egyptians

Publisher: The British Museum Press ISBN: 978-0-7141-3131-3

Reviewer: Anita Loughrey