One of my favourite history places: Studland Village

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By Matthew Sossick, published 30th October 2020

Studland Village, Dorset

Studland village is situated in the Isle of Purbeck in Dorset. Purbeck is not an island in the normal sense of being surrounded by sea. However, it is surrounded by large hills to its north and has a coastline to its south, both of which cut it off from the surrounding areas and give it a distinctive feel. Building work is carefully controlled on the Isle of Purbeck and its villages retain the distinctive character that they have had for many years. A visit to the area is like stepping back in time.

There are two main routes into the Isle which reinforce the sense of separateness you experience when arriving in the area. Arriving from the east the visitor or resident can cross the narrow entrance to the vast Poole Harbour area using the chain link ferry which battles strong sea currents as it travels. Alternatively, arriving from the north you can journey past Corfe Castle in the small gap between the imposing Purbeck Hills (Corfe is a Saxon word meaning ‘gap’)...

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