Studying The Tudors: Britain and the wider world in Tudor times


Author: Rob Guyver, Web Editor: Simon Brown, 25th March 2010

The following unit gives some ideas to teachers on how to:

a) improve subject knowledge;

b) find useful contemporary sources (from Tudor times);

c) link sources with the curriculum and with appropriate activities.


  • Introduction

1. Subject knowledge

  • 1.1 What is quality in subject knowledge?
  • 1.2 Avoidance of stereotypes and awareness of changing perspectives.
  • 1.3.1 Awareness of suitable source material (National)
  • 1.3.2 Awareness of suitable source material. (Local Archives)
  • 1.3.3 Other documentary or written material

2. Finding and selecting a suitable structure

  • 2.1 Overview with timeline to explore chronology

3. Sources and places – enquiry through questioning, accessing records, researching and visiting

  • 3.1 Sources and places

4. Using and writing narratives

  • 4.1 Using, interpreting and writing narratives

5. Dance, drama and role-play

  • 5.1 Dance, drama and role-play

6. Linking with literature written for children

  • 6.1 Children's Literature
  • 6.2 Over to you!

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