New Initiatives Affecting Primary History


By Author: Helena Gillspie. Web Editor: Simon Brown, published 1st January 2010

This unit is concerned with some of the most recent initiatives and how the knowledge management aspect might best be addressed.  It recognises that change in the children's agenda is constant.  

N.B. This unit was produced before the new curriculum and therefore while much of the advice is still useful, there may be some out of date references or links. 

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Rational & Synopsis

  • Rational and Synopsis


  • 1. Issues raised by OFSTED
  • 1.1 Oftsed
  • 1.2 Ofsted Activities

New Curriculum

  • 2. Impact of the latest curriculum
  • 2.1 Curriculum Enquiry
  • 2.2 Curriculum Activities

Every Child Matters

  • 3. Implications of the Every Child Matters Agenda
  • 3.1 Every Child Matters Report
  • 3.2 Every Child Matters Activities

Learning Outside the Classroom

  • 4. The effects of the Learning Outside the Classroom Agenda
  • 4.1 Learning Outside the Classroom
  • 4.2 Learning Outside the Classroom Activities

National Strategies

  • 5. Impact of the National Strategies
  • 5.1 National Strategies
  • 5.2 Activities 1-4
  • 5.3 Activity 5


  • 6. Bibliography