Mission Telemark

By Amanda Mitchison

1. This book is an exciting thriller set in WWII Norway and the Scottish highlands about a group of four teenagers who have been specially trained to take down the Germans, Each of them had received specialist training in Combat, Communication, explosives and strategies. Their mission is to destroy a ‘heavy water' plant in Norway, before the water can be used to bomb the allied capitals.

I find this story to be an exhilarating experience, from one moment to the next; it feels as if you are a member of the mission the story is based on an actual mission in WWII and is told in a diary type format, from the POV of each of the children. The period correct language and items add great depth to the story, the conditions described immerse you in the story. I would recommend this story to anyone interested in history or WWII and for ages 13+.

By Megan

2. This exciting and incredible story, based around real events in World War Two, had us gripped from the very start with its diary entry format, facsimiles of real documents and Jakob's moving pencil sketches.  The characters are all very different from each other, with very different and important skills to contribute to the sabotage mission whether it's their memory, sense of humour, size or leadership.  All are very loveable, we wanted them to triumph all the way through as their intelligence, courage and resilience is tested time and again.  Because we see the mission through the teenagers' eyes,  and the story is told from their different points of view in turn, we never lose interest.  Despite the very real danger present on every page both from the Nazis and from the plateau itself, the characters still manage to inject humour into their situation.  Mitchison has an eye for detail and description so that we feel the hunger and hardships of the teenagers on the Hardanger mountains and the toughness of their training programme.  Including words and expressions from the time such as numbskulls, flummoxed and curmudgeon and details about the equipment and weapons gives the story an even more authentic feel without ever seeming that the details have been included just for the sake of it or to show off.  We didn't expect to enjoy this story nearly as much as we did (especially given the uninspiring cover) and look forward to reading more war stories or spy thrillers from this very talented author.

By Cramlington Learning Village, Northumberland

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