Primary news

  • HA Coronavirus response

    17th March 2020

    HA staff available by email Due to the current situation with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) the HA is following government advice and all our staff are now working from home. We are available by email. If you have a general enquiry contact us using or if the query is in relation to membership...

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  • Holocaust Memorial Day 2021

    6th January 2021

    Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) was founded nearly 20 years ago. Its purpose was to commemorate and educate everyone about the Holocaust and all the victims of Nazi persecution, but also to include and raise awareness of subsequent recognised genocides. From the very start, the plans for commemoration involved participation in events...

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  • Young Quills 2020 – the shortlist

    5th January 2021

    Yes, you did read that right, 2020! No, we don’t want to take you back there – it's just that because it was a strange year many last-minute changes and adaptions had to be made. One of those changes was often the timings of things so that we could still make them...

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  • Write Your Own Historical Fiction Competition 2021

    9th December 2020

      Our historical fiction competition has gone from strength to strength and each year we are so impressed by the number and standard of entries we receive around such a wide range of historical periods and settings. You can take a look at some of our past entries here: 2019...

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  • HA Virtual Conference Round-up 2020

    1st December 2020

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  • Young Historian Awards 2021 – Primary prizes

    17th November 2020

    We want young people to get the bug for writing about history in an interesting and critical way. Each year the Historical Association in collaboration with the Spirit of Normandy Trust offers a series of awards to Primary school children for outstanding history scholarship. Children are asked to investigate, think and write about history. The...

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  • The subject associations of the UK have addressed a letter to the Secretary of State for Education

    5th November 2020

    Dear Gavin Williamson, We are deeply concerned by the short-sighted decision to reduce and in many cases remove bursaries from trainees in a number of subjects and in primary teaching. Cutting off support conveys a strong signal as to the value of teaching in our society. Lack of financial support...

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  • Standing together in silence for Remembrance

    30th October 2020

    One hundred years ago the UK was preparing for only its second Armistice Day, the war still very fresh in many people’s minds. The area around Westminster Abbey in London was preparing for the arrival of ‘The Unknown Warrior’ – the dead body of a British soldier selected at random...

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  • Catch up on the latest updates with HA News

    6th October 2020

    In the autumn edition of HA News Jake Subryan Richards explores the Black Lives Matter movement and new HA President Peter Mandler looks at the toppling of statues; we remember Professors Justin Champion and Mark Ormrod who both passed away this year; and there is an inspiring 'What got me into history' by Peter D'Sena.  This HA News also includes...

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  • RHS bursary-funded Quality Mark impact report

    5th October 2020

    In 2018, the Royal Historical Society (RHS) kindly agreed to sponsor a group of 7 secondary schools to undertake the Quality Mark Process as part of their 150th anniversary celebrations. These schools completed the assessment in 2019. As part of the evaluation of the sponsorship, research into the impact of undertaking...

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