Podcast Series: William I to Henry VII

Published: 21st February 2016

An HA Podcasted History featuring Professor David Bates and Professor Nicholas Vincent of the University of East Anglia, Dr Philip Morgan of Keele University, Professor Mark Ormrod of the University of York, Dr James Davis of Queens University Belfast, Professor Michael Hicks of the University of Winchester, Dr Sean Cunningham of the National Archives, Professor David Carpenter of King's College London and Professor Anne Curry of the University of Southampton (former President of the Historical Association).

This series looks at British and Irish history between William I and Henry VII, relations between England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, British relations with Europe and British political and economic development.

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William I to Henry VII

  • The Origins of the Norman Conquest
  • How did William I transform England and Wales?
  • Henry II, the Common Law and Becket
  • King John and Magna Carta
  • Henry III
  • Simon de Montfort
  • Edward I: Relations between England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland
  • Edward I: Law and State
  • Edward II
  • Edward III
  • Edward III: Foreign Relations and the Hundred Years War
  • Edward III: Reputation
  • Richard II and the Peasants' Revolt
  • The Wars of the Roses
  • Henry VI
  • Richard III
  • Henry VII - legitimizing his throne.
  • Henry VII - decreasing the power of the Nobility.
  • Henry VII and his heir Henry VIII
  • About our Authors