Exemplar Application 3: Secondary teacher and head of department

Natalie Kesterton is a secondary teacher of 7 years experience and 3 years experience as head of department. In that time she has worked across 3 different schools and is also an active member of York Clio, a wide ranging history teaching network in York where she currently teaches.

All applicants must supply an application form, CV and scanned copies of their relevant qualification certificates. These have not been supplied as part of this exemplar for data protection purposes. What follows is an exemplar of the 1000 word statement, supporting evidence and the CPD log that Natalie provided to support her application.

The CPD log must indicate at least 36 hours of history CPD undertaken over the last 12 months. This must be CPD undertaken rather than CPD the applicant has delivered. A wide range of activities are permissible as CPD. Please take a look at the exemplar CPD logs and our FAQs document for guidance.

Natalie has laid out her statement and indicated supporting evidence in brackets. This is another good way to highlight to the panel where there is supporting evidence for statements made. Footnotes could also be used less intrusively in the same way.

The panel felt that Natalie’s mentoring roles within Cambridge and York PGCE partnerships and her role as an active player in York Clio and core group member for a new RQT scheme which seems very thoughtfully designed to nurture teachers into their critical second year in practice all provided the kind of evidence of a Chartered Teacher of History. Her application displayed good evidence of application of ideas from reading and research within the history community.

In the zipped attachment below you will find Natalie’s 1000 word statement, plus 21 pieces of evidence and a CPD log.

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