Walter Tull: Sport, War and Challenging Adversity

Resource packs for KS1, KS2, KS3

Produced by the Northamptonshire Black History Association, these packs comprise a teachers' resource book, a schemes of work booklet of 10 activities for teachers to use in the classroom, and a CD of the 52 sources used throughout the schemes of work booklet.

The resource book contains National Curriculum subject links and objectives for the relevant Key Stages, a description of how to use this resource, guidance for teachers on teaching controversial and emotive issues, an example of teachers' notes about World War I, images of the 52 sources used in the schemes of work booklet, and a list of further resources. The schemes of work booklet includes activities such as studying Walter Tull, interpreting sources, exploring values, beliefs and ideologies about war, etc.

Printed copies of this resource pack can be downloaded from the Northamptonshire Black History Association website via the links below.