Contribute an Article to Primary History

Initial guidelines for contributors to Primary History

Published: 26th October 2015

Why submit an article for Primary History?

  • To share good ideas and practice in teaching and learning history
  • To help develop your own ideas and thinking
  • Job progression: it can be reflected in your CV and also provides a step towards developing more extensive pieces of writing.
  • Practitioner articles can be related to further research studies such as MA, PhDs or academic journals
  • As part of our Quality Mark in history process

Who are we writing for?

The classroom teacher who is interested, even enthusiastic about history, but whose subject knowledge and related teaching may be based upon:

  • National Curriculum History, O level/GCSE, A Level or Degree level study
  • teaching the National Curriculum history's programme of study / schemes of work

The history coordinator

  • The primary history surveys indicated that the overwhelming majority have had minimal or no training

What do teachers want?

The HA primary history surveys indicate that teachers want:

  • Resources for teaching lesson plans / accounts with their resources they can download and adapt to their teaching needs
  • Support to help them teach the not-so-familiar topics in the new National Curriculum
  • Articles to help them improve their knowledge and understanding of teaching and learning history
  • Ways to help their colleagues become better at teaching history

* For full contributor guidelines see the attachment below.

To submit an article or for further information please contact:

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