Primary History 45: History in the Foundation and Early Years

The primary education journal of the Historical Association

Published: 1st January 2007

History in the Foundation and Early Years, 3-8

04 Editorial

05 2006-2007 Historical Association History and ICT project — Alf Wilkinson

08 Citizenship: Citizenship through the English National Curriculum’s The Romans In Britain Study Unit — Hilary Claire

10 In my view: consigning history to the history books — Denis Hayes

11 Introducing history into the KS1 curriculum – a view from the classroom — Cathie Mcilroy

13 Setting up a classroom museum — Ray Verrier (Read article)

18 History in the early years – bringing the Romans to life — Jacqui Dean (Read article)

21 Playing at history? — Kevin Hamel and Katharine Langley-Hamel

22 Teaching famous people at Key Stage One: say no to Flo — Michelle Dexter (Read article)

24 Primary History Coordinators’ Dilemma — Tim Lomas

26 Story and developing children’s minds — Hilary Cooper (Read article)

30 Think Bubble: curiouser and curiouser — Peter Vass

31 Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 History [Early Years]: History & Citizenship Education – teaching sensitive issues, Part 1 — Penelope Harnett

34 Effective primary history teaching: findings from the KS2 to KS3 Transitions Project – challenges & opportunities, part 2 — Andrew Wrenn (Read article)

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