Primary History 59


By HA, published 9th November 2011



06 Primary history in the 21st century: Back to the past? - Alan Hodkinson

07 Teaching Time - John Fines

08 Developing pupils' chronological understanding: The view from OFSTED - Michael Maddison HMI


10 A view from the classroom - Cathie McIlroy

11 Think Bubble - Jumping stories: selective chronology - Peter Vass

12 Chronology in primary history, 2000-2010 - Sarah Codrington


13 What understanding of chronology can we expect of older primary school children? - Hilary Cooper

14 I was meant to be born on my birthday, but I arrived a day late: Young children and chronology - Penelope Harnett

15 What might we expect pupils to 'know and can do' at the end of Key Stage 2? - Alf Wilkinson

16 Enriching young children's understanding of time - Keith C. Barton

19 Enhancing temporal cognition: practical activities for the primary classroom - Alan Hodkinson

21 Time, cronology, language and story - Pat Hoodless

25 Timelines and technology - Tony Pickford

27 Chronology and topics at Key Stage 2: The nearly complete history of almost everything - Barbara Sands

Case Studies

29 Scene shifting: Using visuals for chronology - Jane Card

31 Big timelines, bigger pictures: supporting initial teacher trainees to think big about chronology - Matthew Sossick

32 Constructivist chronology and horrible histories - Hilary Cooper

36 A living timeline: Getting Knebworth House's visitors to understand where the distant past is - Natalie Wallace

38 Exploring chronology in a museum: - Gillian Waters and Vanessa Kyle

41 Chronology abd Local History: Year 6 - Charlotte Blanch and Catherine McHarg

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