Primary History 60: Writing History & Literacy

The primary education journal of the Historical Association

By HA, published 9th July 2012

Writing History & Literacy

Editorial and In My View

04 Editorial: Writing history and historical literacy

05 Writing history - Jackie Eales

06 Children writing history - John Fines (Read article)



08 Think Bubble - Writing from experience - Peter Vass (Read article)

09 A view from the classroom - Cathie McIlroy

10 Children writing history: Primary History, 2000-2011 - Sarah Codrington

11 Children writing history: Nuffield Primary History Project (NPHP); Exemplar Lessons - Sarah Codrington


History & Writing: Overview and Multi-Modality

13 Writing and History: Overview - NPHP (Read article)

16 Multi-modality and writing history - NPHP (Read article)


Children Writing History

17 Children writing history: The writing spectrum - from historical accounts to poetic writing and historical fiction - NPHP (Read article)

20 Writing generator - NPHP and Cathie McIlroy

22 Writing: Demonstrating and modelling - NPHP (Read article)

24 Historical accounts: Reports and recounts - NPHP and Jayne Nayden and Ross Hellens

27 Poetic writing - NPHP (Read article)

28 Historical fiction and story: The informed imagination - NPHP (Read article)


The Language of History - Historical Literacy

30 History and language - NPHP (Read article)

32 Mini scaffolds: Charts, concepts, concept webs, diagrams, mini-frames, grids [KWL/QADS] and tables - NPHP and Sandra Perry (Read article)

34 Reading into writing - NPHP (Read article)

36 Oracy and writing: Speaking, listening, discussion and debate - Sue Charlton and John Fines (Read article)

39 Drama and role play - NPHP and Zoe Percharde (Read article)

40 Visual literacy: Look, talk, write - using a picture to extend vocabulary - Jane Card (Read article)


Initial Teacher Training and Professional Development

42 Teacher trainees writing history - Hugh Moore (Read article)

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