Primary History 62


By HA, published 11th December 2012

History & ICT

Editorial and In My View

04 Editorial

05 Using ict to develop pupils' historical knowledge, understa nding and thinking the view from Ofsted - Michael Maddison HMI

06 The digital revolution - Jerome Freeman

07 History, ICT and the digital age - Ben Walsh


08 Diogenes English Heritage's Heritage Explorer: waving not drowning - Peter Vass

09 A View from the Classroom Case Study 1: Historical information and the local community - Cathie Mcllroy

10 Using ICT in primary history, nuffield primary history: Exemplar Lessons and Teaching History - Sarah Codrington

12 Co-ordinators concerns: ICT AND OFSTED - Tim Lomas


13 Pointing the view: Helping pupils to view historical film crititcally Case Study 2: Using A Public Informati on Film - Jane Card

15 Primary pedagogy and interactive PowerPoint: Lessons from Early Years Primary ITT Students - Susan Edgar

17 History and the digital age: - Stuart Tiffany and My Learning Website

20 History mysteries and pupils as history detectives - Jon Nichol

22 Developing chronological understanding through the use of ict - James Percival

24 The British Museum: Creative ICT for kids - Jane Shuter

26 Case Study 2: Bring on the iPad revolution - Nicholas Garrick and Dave Hall

Case studies

29 Case study 3: Effectively using the census in the classroom - Alf Wilkinson

30 Case study 4: Hit the net! - Barbara Sands

33 Case study 5: Animation - Ilona Aronovsky with Kate Benson and Ann Plummeridge

35 Case study 6: Making the most of the moment - Sarah Hanley

37 Case study 7: Whistle stop history through the 'Olympic Map' - Richard Heard

39 Case Study 8: QR [quick response] bar codes - Hugh Moore

Professional Development

41 Podcasts on the HA Website - Robert Guyver

42 Using ICT to support historical learning with pupils who have special educational needs [sen] - tudor videos - Matthew Sossick

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